Helping you to start, manage and grow your integrated security operations center

Bolton Labs provides you with direct access to skilled, hard-to-find cybersecurity talent, coupled with a vendor-agnostic, flexible SIEM platform that works the way you do.

streamlined security management and automation

Security Operations Center

A scalable solution to the shortage in skilled, cybersecurity talent

We provide you with direct access to a network of experienced security analysts at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams. Connect with Bolton Labs' 24x7 shared SOC or streamline your security operations by building your own dedicated, turnkey team.

bolton labs soc

siemplexus days of the week

The SIEMPlexus platform assists businesses in organizing their security tools to analyze, interpret and review threats in one streamlined dashboard. It equips security analysts with the right tools to respond to threats quickly and efficiently.

  • Modular
  • Task Automation
  • Cloud Ready
  • Advanced Scoring

Ready to get more out of your security processes?

We provide IT managed service providers with market leading security tools and services.