Bolton Labs

Tearing down barriers and creating opportunity

We're on a mission to help you thrive in the world of cyber security analysis.

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Understanding the industry

Understanding the Industry

We understand that it is essential to recognize the state of the industry to provide quality solutions. 

Tearing down barriers

Tearing Down Barriers

Bolton Labs was founded in 2013 based on the simple belief that there are amazing, talented people everywhere in the world.

Modern world

Welcoming Technology

We aim to change the way that companies bring on talent and modernized tools to help companies develop their security processes.

Security Operations Center

Vendor-Agnostic, Scalable Security Operation Centers

We provide you with direct access to a network of experienced security analysts at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams. Connect with Bolton Labs' 24x7 shared SOC or streamline your security operations by building your own dedicated, turnkey team.

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Meet the leadership team

  • Richard 2

    Richard Dobrow Chief Executive Officer

  • Patrick_1-1

    Patrick Linton Chief Operating Officer

  • AlbertV

    Albert Vasquez Chief Strategy Officer

  • Richard

    Rick Westmoreland Chief Technology Officer

  • Issac

    Isaac Sabas Vice President, Product

  • Shueib Sayyed

    Shueib Sayyed Chief Information Security Officer

  • Ryan

    Ryan Ho Vice President, Engineering

  • curtis-1

    Curtis Bergh Director, Global Accounts

  • Edsel 1

    Edsel Mendoza Director, Operations

  • Robert Armas

    Rob Armas Senior Manager, Accounts

  • Monica

    Monica Alava Senior Manager, Customer Success

Board of Directors

  • Anson

    Anson Uy Founder, Sagesoft Solutions

  • Kenneth

    Kenneth Lingan Country Head, Google Philippines

  • Brian

    Brian Otte Director, ProfitStars, A Jack Henry Company

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