An affordable, flexible SIEM platform that works the way you do

Designed to help you streamline and manage your security operations in a way that is cost-effective, scalable, and optimized for analyst productivity.  

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Cloud tech

Cloud Ready

Use SIEMPlexus with confidence that critical and sensitive security information is securely stored using cloud technology.

Increase Efficency

Increase Efficiency

With SIEMPlexus, you can scale faster by automating Tier-1 tasks, providing you with more time to respond to high-level threats and incidents.

Prepare your analysts

Prepare Your Analysts

SIEMPlexus will give you the ability to facilitate analyst workflows and communication with your SOC team.

Why SIEMPlexus?

Manage your SOC for optimal productivity with your security operations and tools in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Streamline your workflow

Streamline your Workflow

Scale faster and streamline your workflow by combining associated alerts and automating Tier-1 tasks.

Prioritize your tasks

Prioritize your Tasks

With your selection of tools on one dashboard, you can spend more time understanding high-level threats instead of monitoring alerts.

Integrate and grow

Integrate and Grow

As a vendor-agnostic platform, you can integrate SIEMPlexus with other SIEM tools to suit your specific needs.

Modernised security

Modernized Security

SIEMPlexus processes and correlates all security incidents so that you can detect, monitor and report threats quickly.

Enhance your team

Enhance your Team

Harness the ability of your team by providing them with a platform that will enable them to work diligently and efficiently.

measure and report

Measure and Report

With around the clock monitoring, customize your tools to create reports that will allow you to drive development.

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The SIEMPlexus Dashboard

Organisation and automation on one, simple dashboard

Explicitly designed for security analysts and SOCs, the SIEMPlexus Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of alerts, incidents, and announcements.

  • Modular
  • Task Automation
  • Cloud-Ready
  • Advanced Scoring
incident handling

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SIEM Incident Handling

Your toolbox for incident management

The SIEMPlexus security operations tool allows you to view automated and alerted incidents in real time, providing analysts with the ability to review and act on threats faster.

  • Assign Tasks
  • Incident Status
  • Cloud Security
  • Alert Automation

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